Pola Light Advanced Teeth Whitening System

PolaLight Teeth Whitening

A new advanced whitening system that gives you a brighter, more confident smile in just 5 days!


Pola Light advanced tooth whitening system combines Pola’s award winning whitening formulas, with a LED mouthpiece. This combined system gives you an accelerated tooth whitening result.

Portable, rechargeable and easy to wear with no cord attached to the Pola LED mouthpiece – Pola Light is the perfect choice for whitening your teeth quickly today and for your future top up treatments.

The unique blend of soothers, conditioners and high water content assists in reducing sensitivity, making Pola one of the most comfortable tooth whitening systems available.

Available in 9.5% hydrogen peroxide and 22% carbamide peroxide


Special Offer! $200 with Curbside delivery!


We’re excited to offer Pola Light to our patients! We are able to offer this amazing new product for $200 with curbside delivery. Call us today and let us know you’re waiting and we’ll bring it out to your car. Have whiter teeth in under a week! See the amazing results below.


A FREE bonus with Pola Light


Use Pola Luminate to top up your whitening shade between longer term treatments. Simply brush on Pola Luminate directly to your teeth to enjoy whiter teeth on the go.

Designed to fit easily into your jacket, pocket or handbag, this fast acting whitening gel delivers a quick whitening touch up when you need it.

The 6% hydrogen peroxide concentration ensures fast release of the peroxide ions to begin the bleaching process allowing Pola Luminate to deliver quick and efficient results.

The fast drying ensures a quick usage time. You can choose to whiten one single tooth or your complete smile. Each tube of Pola Luminate is enough for 60 full applications.