What Are The Treatment Options For TMJ?

What Are The Treatment Options For TMJ?

What Are The Treatment Options For TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder that can cause various symptoms that tend to range from slightly uncomfortable to painful. Factors like arthritis and teeth grinding can also contribute to TMJ disorders. However, medications, home remedies, and other treatments can help you manage TMJ disorders. The pandemic has also triggered an increase in TMJ disorders. It is most likely a result of increased stress levels, teeth grinding (bruxism), neurological impacts, and lifestyle changes.

What Do You Mean By TMJ?

TMJ stands for temporomandibular joint. We have two temporomandibular joints on each side of our face. These joints help connect our lower jaw to the skull at the temporal bone. It is one of the most complicated joints that allows us to have a range of movements, such as yawning, chewing, and talking.

People who have a TMJ disorder tend to experience a locked jaw, pain in the jaw joint, or minor discomfort when opening the mouth. A popping or clicking sound may also be accompanied by pain. Nevertheless, a clicking or popping sound without any pain is generally not a sign of an issue.

TMJ Treatments

A professional diagnosis is the most critical aspect of TMJ disorder. If your condition is self-limiting, most treatments will be effective whether they are warranted or not. A professional healthcare provider from Todays Dental can recommend potential treatment options after they successfully identify you have TMJ disorder. Your treatment will depend on your symptoms, their cause, and the overall severity of the condition in your case.

However, if you have mild TMJ disorder symptoms, you can use at-home treatment options like exercise and hot compresses to help fix the issue. Other treatment options include wearing a mouth guard (usually at night) to help prevent teeth grinding, which also contributes to symptoms. Nevertheless, if you have a severe TMJ disorder, our expert may recommend surgery to fix any structural issues related to joints. Generally, surgery is only considered an option after all other conservative treatments fail.

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